Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how and what is the purposes for TaiwanPlus to collect, process, and use the information collected by your use of our website and mobile application.


This Privacy Policy may be subject to changes. From time to time, we may amend and update this Privacy Policy by placing a notice on our website and mobile application. We recommend that you check the current version available regularly.


We Collect Unidentifiable Information

When you visit and browse our website or use our mobile application, we may collect the information of IP address (your approximate location) and the content you have viewed, clicked on, or searched for which is not directly linked to your identities.


We Use Cookies

In order to enhance user experiences, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files which are temporarily stored on your computer or other devices when websites are loaded in a browser. We use cookies to know whether the same visitor visits and browses our website or our mobile application at different times and help us to improve our services.


Use of information

We will use the information we collect to analyze what contents are visited more, how often the content on our website and mobile application has been viewed. At the same time, we use Google Analytics to analyze traffic for improving the user experience and helping us to provide more contents and services that the visitor may be interested in. We will never provide anyone with the information we collect.

Personal information collected only with user consent

Under certain circumstances, such as newsletter subscriptions on TaiwanPlus site, TaiwanPlus may ask users to provide personal information to guarantee the quality of service. In these circumstances, TaiwanPlus informs the users in advance that it will require some personal information and only provides the service based on their consent.

Use and protection of personal information

If you become a member of TaiwanPlus, the interface may ask for your personal information, such as e-mail. TaiwanPlus collects personal data to better understand its members and provide better service. TaiwanPlus does not sell or disclose personal information to unrelated third-parties, and no TaiwanPlus personnel are allowed to access the data for private use.

We value your privacy.

We use cookies to analyze the traffic of Taiwan+ to improve our service. Click here to find out more about Taiwan+'s privacy policy.

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